Nicholas Leigh, NCTM

Studio Owner & Teacher

       Nicholas Leigh started playing the piano when he was 7 and was already composing by age 9. Since then, he has always known his life would take the path of not only playing, but also composing music. When he was 11, Nicholas also took up the violin. He played with the school orchestras all the way through high school, and also was a member of the Meridian Youth Symphony Orchestra and Centennial Chamber Orchestra. In college he played with the Boise State University Symphony Orchestra. 

Nicholas has earned several awards and won numerous competitions in the Northwest on both piano and violin. When he was 14, Nicholas released his first album "Just a Beginning," a collection of his music to date, along with some popular favorites. His next album, "The Path I Choose," presented all of his works for piano so far.


       Nicholas has been involved in the music community in the Boise/Meridian area for many years. He taught at Idaho Music Academy for several years after graduating from Boise State University, where he studied piano, violin, and composition under teachers such as Dr. Del Parkinson, Dr. Svetlana Nagachevskaya-Maddox, Prof. Craig Purdy, and Prof. J. Wallis Bratt. Nicholas holds a B.M. from BSU and professional certification (NCTM) in piano from Music Teachers National Association. 

He now runs a full time piano studio and stays active in National, State, and local music teacher’s organizations including the Idaho Federation of Music Clubs (IFMC), where he serves as State Festival Cup Chair for Idaho, and Treasure Valley Federated Music Club (TVFMC), where he serves as Festival Admin, Festival Cup Chairman and chair of the Budget and Scholarship Committee.  Nicholas has spoken at teacher’s workshops and frequently adjudicates piano festivals in Boise and Meridian, Idaho.


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 Teaching Qualifications


  • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) in piano
  • More than 25 years of piano experience
  • Over 15 years experience of music in a group setting (including orchestras, chamber ensembles, and smaller groups)
  • Solid knowledge of music theory, piano technique, and performance skills
  • 15+ years experience teaching piano
  • Piano teacher at Idaho Music Academy for 8 years
  • Currently running a successful piano studio (Leigh Piano Studio) with over 70 current students
  • Great communication skills and patience
  • Certified member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and local organizations, Idaho Music Teachers Association and Treasure Valley Music Teachers Association
  • Member of the National Federation of Music Clubs and local organization, Treasure Valley Federated Music Club: currently serving as Festival Admin, Festival Cup Chairman and Budget & Scholarship Committee Chair
  • Idaho Federation of Music Clubs (IFMC) State Festival Cup Chair for Idaho
  • NFMC Festival Judge



 Piano/Music Experience

  • Pianist for 25+ years
  • Started taking lessons at age 7 and continued through college
  • Yearly participation in multiple festivals, recitals, and competitions (placing in the top many times)
  • Participation and performance in school orchestras and music groups, as well as extra ensembles including the Meridian Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Centennial Chamber Orchestra
  • Member of the Boise State University Symphony Orchestra (2009-2014)


 Education and Certification


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Boise State University, 2014                      
    • Composition and theory studies with Professor J. Wallis Bratt
    • Piano performance and pedagogy studies with Dr. Del Parkinson
    • Piano performance studies with Dr. Svetlana Nagachevskaya-Maddox
    • Violin performance studies with Prof. Craig Purdy, and Jill Rowley
    • Instrumental conducting studies with Prof. Marcellus Brown
    • Choral conducting studies with Prof. Jim Jirak
  2. Recipient of multiple music scholarships, including:                      
    1. Ava C Brinck piano scholarship
    2. Jim Cook piano scholarship
    3. Veness/Munson music scholarship
    4. BSU Foundation of Arts and Sciences scholarship
    5. Music Endowed scholarship
  3. Earned title of Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano by Music Teachers National Association, 2015-present